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    bold 9900

    Blackberry Bold 9900 big problem!!! Please help if anyone knows the fix!!

    Hi, I have a bold 9900 from T-mobile. I have it unlocked and it was working very well with Wind over here in Canada. Now the problem started today last night before i went to sleep in was charging but when i woke up this morning the phone was off and the red led light on the right hand side would light up for about 10 sec and go away and do it all over again. I read some online things to solve this but no success tried pulling out the batterry waiting for the battery icon with the red x to show up before installing the batt still wont work. I also tried rebooting using app loader but would not recognize the phone. Tried updating using the desktop manager and still dont recognize the phone. I really do not know what else to do hopefully someone can help if anyone knows how to solve this. Thank you in advance and hope to hear from anyone here as <i>I really want to get this bold up and running again. Thank you in advance!</i>

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    Hi there. Well in all my 8 years of blackberry usage, iv come across this problem which you mention just once. It so happens when a corrupt file or application is loaded on your blackberry. Don't worry.

    Keep your Bold 9900 plugged to your pc. Restart the pc, and open blackberry desktop manager manually. When u open the manager, your bold would connect up and as soon as that happens, immediately go to applications, and update the OS. If your Bold has the latest OS installed, then just reinstall it, and you'll be good to go.

    2. Another way, if in case just in case you fail on the above procedure, directly load the application loader file manually from the documents blackberry OS folder on ur pc.

    Hope you're good to go with your awesome stylish 9900. Cheers

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    You can also take a look at our guide to recover a nuked BlackBerry.

    How-To Recover A Nuked Blackberry - with Pictures

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