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    Lightbulb 9900 os problems with desktop manager

    I've a problem in my desktop manager and loader.exe directly after installing the leaked OS, as i couldn't be able to update any other OS for any other device.

    I finally installed OS and is working excellent and all my OS for other devices become working again.

    Do you have any idea why this happnned?!!

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    Strange, I've never heard of that before. Did you restart your computer and shut down all other apps?

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    .439 is a good build well identical to .440 but i rather install a official os than a beta. it could be your desktop manager. i had this happen to me before. my fix was a remove - re -install DM
    With these new OS7 releases its been said that you have to remove a 2nd Vender.xml file located else where in your Drive. in order to for DM or apploader to recognize the update

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