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    Verizon Blackberry Bold 9930

    hi all,
    i recently purchased Verizon BB Bold 9930. i got the offical unlock code from Verizon and got it unlocked, after which i ordered for a MSL SPC Code as the service provider was not showing. now i am able to use GSM services, as in i can make calls and receive texts, i am getting edge and not EDGE. so am not able to use BB services, when going to advance system setting and trying to register the phone on Host Routing table i am not getting any response. i contacted my service provider Vodafone India and they asked to contact Blackberry support, here in India Blackberry support does not support phones purchased outside India. would changing the OS help in any way.

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    First of all on Verizon devices mostly you don't need an MSL code to edit the CDMA settings of the device... you just dial ##000000 and you get the settings screen where you can edit the CDMA phone number to your GSM phone number that is used with your SIM card.

    About the edge / EDGE, to get services and internet on your unlocked Blackberry you will need to contact your carrier and get a Blackberry Data plan, then also update the service books on your Blackberry device so they fit with those that your carrier uses for the BIS connection.

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