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    Sprint camera-less BlackBerry Bold 9930 available on September 9th

    Many BlackBerry users aren't even aware that RIM makes a camera-less version of their flagship device. Some companies require their employees to either have camera-less devices or are forced to block access to the camera app through different BES service books. This is why a camera-less version of the BlackBerry Bold 9930 is such an important deal for some. Verizon has had this model available since the initial launch so it's nice to see Sprint jumping into the mix not long after the initial launch.
    • How do you feel about RIM making a camera-less BlackBerry Bold 9930?

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    Just order mines, was waiting for the 9650 but last minute I changed my mind to this version of the Bold 9930. I don't use my phone camera really and I like the cleaner look anyways, can't wait till I get it :-D. I been using my old TouchPro 2 for the mean time and I hate it so much lol.

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