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    hi Friends,
    i have been using 9900 for some days now.
    love the extra wide space for keyboard, although still learn to get used to touch/keyboard combination.

    one thing bothers me tough... the battery drains very fast... from full to yellow is only about 5 hours!!
    my old 9700 lasts more than a day,

    I am using originally from the shop. now downloading .353 ..
    hopefully this solves the problem...

    i will post the update after installing the new os...

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    Yes it worked

    Yes it works... I did it the same day I posted... Works like a charm now... Except for battery life. Don't why they put a smaller battery with a touchscreen. And since the back cover has the NFC chip, I guess putting in a bigger battery and changing the cover won't work either...
    But all said and done, I still love the handset. Just too good.
    Regards kashi

    [QUOTE=ghostryder12;230967]Try this first:

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    At first glance, I preferred 9360 or 9700 as the feeling was not good about keyboard size...but 9900 looked so attractive with solid design, strong processor and colorful O.S...Now I love the touchscreen and physical keyboard increases my sensitiveness as well as efficient...
    I'm testing new O.S in hope that the drained battery problem is solved...
    If you consider to this phone, you should give time for RIM to fix its...I guess the price could go down in time too )

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    Thanks for the feedback KaleI0203. Be sure to let us know how it works after you update.

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