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    *** PREMIUM *** Cute Owl Theme with Cute Icons and Dual Color Clock

    ***** PLEASE NOTE ****** ALL CUSTOM LAYOUT THEMES FOR BLACKBERRY 7/7.1 DEVICES, HAVING HIDDEN FOLDER AND ICON ISSUE. ICONS IN FOLDERS WILL NOT SHOW. YOU CAN USE UNIVERSAL SEARCH TO FIND YOUR APP, MOVE THE ICONS OUT OF THE FOLDERS, OR USE AN APP LIKE QUICKLAUNCH TO ACCESS THEM. SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE Cute Owl Wallpaper made by Babyberry Girl -Cutest owl wallpaper on Home screen. -Dual color clock on Home screen that change color on every minutes. -Custom Pink battery meter. -Cute and custom Message and Messenger notification and indicators -Cute girly icons set -Custom and very cute girly icon set -Very wallpaper friendly -Semi-transparent menus and dialogues. -Very clean and responsive. -Very eye pleasing color scheme for menu and dialogues. -Almost fit for any wallpaper. -Both screen mode supported on 9850, 9860, 9810, 9800 and 9380.

    Buy it from BlackBerry World
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