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    Bluetooth problem

    Hello everybody!

    I am new at this, so please be patient.

    One month ago I droped my BB Bold 9780 in salt water :crying:

    I checked the internet for solutions and for what to do and I almost, I repeat, almost got it to work 100%. :boggled:

    My only problem now is the bluetooth, if I reset the phone completely (full restart and wipeout all the information) the bluetooth turns on... but it wont last. I upload my data again and can not turn on the bluetooth (note: I am not sure if the upload is the cause, I think not).

    What I want to do is to replace any hardware related with the bluetooth, is this possible?

    Can you suggest where can I do this?
    Oh, I am from Portugal (but you probably already know I an not an english speaking person), so a place in Europe would be ok for me. Shipping to the US is not an option.

    Please help :hail:, If I cant put this phone to work I have to go back to a BB Storm :angryfire:


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    Hello Marafado,

    It most likely is hardware related. I don't think there is a easy way of replacing the bluetooth hardware. Best thing you could do is see if a service tech will take a look at it for free to determine that is the issue before you start spending money.

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