I love "useable" themes more than "usual" themes.

BerryLab's Outback (14 icons) and BGT's U7 in particular.

The reason being, having access to more than 5 or 6 icons (without having 2 or 3 rows which just hide the wallpaper!) means that access to what I use a lot is very quick and very easy to do.

What I do like a lot too, are the fantastic bright, crisp and "in your face" icons such as those used in the iBac HD theme.

So what are the chances of any theme makers designing a "U" shaped theme or a theme which has 14 icons around the screen edge, but with some stunning and original icons, as good as or better than iBAC's icons?

I bet somebody out there can do it. (Be nice if it were offered free - for a limited time at least).

Should I throw this down as a challenge???