ColorWare has just added the BlackBerry Bold 9780 to its lineup of customizable devices. In case you are unaware, ColorWare allows you to pick apart the way you want your Berry to look. The image above really does justice in showing you exactly what you can customize. Big Thanks to Digimoe for the image. Whether you want a Black Frame, with a Green top & bottom, or a Green Frame with a Black top & bottom, your choices are almost endless. ColorWare offers a few different options to “Pimp your Berry”. You can purchase your device directly from ColorWare, order parts individually, or send your phone in to get customized and shipped back (usually takes about 3 weeks). A fully “Pimped” BlackBerry will take roughly $150-$160 out of your pocket (price varies on Glossy Finish or Softouch). Click the jump below to take you to ColoreWare’s site to get your order started. Don’t forget to drop a picture in our forum of your newly customized Berry.