Eye Kandy is defined as something that is pleasing to the eye and oh so sweet! This amazing theme fits the definition perfectly. From the 12-icon dock of user-determined apps, large enough to be seen clearly, to the bottom bar of five frequently used BlackBerry features -- including TODAY, this theme absolutely rocks! You can fill your screen with Hidden Today data by clicking on TODAY then press ESC to hide. Click on APPS to see your 12 favorite icons then click ESC to hide them for a full view of your favorite wallpaper. Our Eye Kandy theme will end all of your cravings for a theme that will increase your productivity in a visually appealing design!

Hidden today features 2 message items and 4 calendar items. 5 static buttons below for Browser, Options, Apps, Today and the Blackberry app that never gets enough respect, Passwords! The banner features full weather text which brings up Berry Weather when clicked (must have Berry Weather installed to work)

Weather app must be in slot 1 for full click-able weather text to show in banner (Only works with Berry Weather). To show full text for Berryweather, go to Settings, Homescreen/Notification Icon and the first item Icon Title should be set to "Temp + Condition"

Battery pull is required after installation.

Sms/Mms ($)
QuickLaunch (SpaceKey)
Messages (m)
Options (o)
Memo (d)
Calculator (c)
Calendar (l)
Lock (k)
Browser (b)
Blackberry Messenger
Tasks (t)



3/25/2011 (Version 2)
1. Changed bottom buttons from Contacts & Calendar to Browser & Options. With the TODAY feature, there is no need to have a Calendar button.

3/29/2011 (Version 3)
* Changed the call screen backgrounds to a solid color.
* Made the weather text bigger
* Made application name text bigger
*Smaller file size and increased theme speed