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    Quote Originally Posted by secgena View Post
    So now that the 9700 is readily available and many of you have a 9700 in your hands, can anyone confirm whether or not the 9700 does in fact support Flash ????????????????????????
    No, i can tell you 100% that mine does not support flash at the current time.
    Probably a good spot to also state that videos dont appear to work either.(unknow reason)

    But who knows what the future holds for this phone...

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    1 works properly on my T-Mobile 9700 (; no Flash, but UMA is great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunkast View Post
    Couldn't tell you for sure whether or not there is any hardware required for flash to run on a BlackBerry device. But from articles I've read a software update may be all that's needed. It's unclear what exactly is needed to run flash. In any case, that feature is quite a ways off from being reality.
    Flash doesn't require much of anything in particular hardware-wise, aside from a CPU and memory. It will even run on a Pentium II, albeit slowly. What we are waiting for is Adobe, Inc. - they are the makers of Flash, for whatever reason they are slow at coding mobile Flash players (and PDF readers). If it's any consolation, it won't be coming to the Droid until "1H 2010"

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