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    Bold 9000 contact to Bold 9700

    I just received a Bold 9700 to replace my worn-out Bold 9000. The 9700 had OS 6 installed and the 9000 has OS 5. I am trying to wipe the 9700 and install OS 5 and then need to know how to transfer all my data and contacts to the 9700 from the 9000. Any detailed instructions or suggestions?

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    What you want to do is use the BlackBerry Desktop Software Switch Device Wizard. To do that follow these steps:

    Step 1 - Move device Data and Media Files
    Move device data (messages, calendar entries, contacts etc.)

    1. Open BlackBerry® Desktop Software
    2. Click Device then Switch Devices
    3. Plug the current (original) device into the computer's USB port and complete the Device Switch by clickingNext

    Note: Remember to check the Device Data box to ensure all of the data on the old BlackBerry smartphone is backed up and restored to the new BlackBerry smartphone.

    Move the media files on the microSD card

    Option A: Move the microSD card

    1. Remove the microSD card from the old BlackBerry smartphone
    2. Insert the microSD card into the new BlackBerry smartphone

    Option B: Copy media files to a new microSD card in the new smartphone

    1. Connect the previous BlackBerry® smartphone to the computer
    2. Enable USB Mass Storage on the BlackBerry smartphone when prompted
    3. Copy all files to a folder on the computer
    4. Disconnect the old BlackBerry smartphone from the computer and connect the new BlackBerry smartphone
    5. Enable USB drive on the smartphone when prompted
    6. Copy all files to the new BlackBerry smartphone
    7. Step 2 – Move all Phone, Data and Email Service and Apps

    Move all phone and data service

    1. Remove the SIM card from the old BlackBerry smartphone
    2. Insert the SIM card into the new BlackBerry smartphone

    Move email service

    1. Launch the Setup application on the new smartphone by clicking the Setup icon
    2. Touch/click the Email Accounts icon
    3. Follow the prompts to move the email account(s) to the new BlackBerry smartphone

    Move any social networking applications

    1. Launch the Setup application on the new smartphone by clicking the Setup icon
    2. Touch/click the Social Networking icon
    3. Select the desired application(s) to be migrated to the new BlackBerry smartphone, then follow the prompts

    Move any apps from the old BlackBerry smartphone to the new BlackBerry smartphone

    1. Launch the BlackBerry App World™ storefront application on the new BlackBerry smartphone. If the BlackBerry App World icon is not visible on the Home screen or in the Downloads folder on the BlackBerry smartphone, the application may not be installed. The BlackBerry App World application can be obtained by clicking here
    2. Touch/click the My World icon
    3. Log in or create a BlackBerry® ID account
    4. Follow the prompts to migrate all previously purchased apps to the new BlackBerry smartphone

    Those steps were take from RIM's KB found here. The latest version of OS 5.0 for the 9700 can be found here: docomo_5.0.0.1014 - Downloads -, take a look at our guide on how to upgrade your device if you run into any issues. How-To Recover A Nuked Blackberry - with Pictures

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