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    Quote Originally Posted by samrom11 View Post
    A simple charger works by supplying . Often a timer charger and set of batteries could be bought as a bundle and the charger time was set to suit those batteries.

    hello samron,

    can u please clarify what you mean?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomen View Post
    when my battery is at 35 - 40%, it will show "battery drained, shutting down handheld.."... and then it will off... when i charge it, battery indicator shows my battery power is at 1%.....

    why this happened?? anyone?? please help me...

    i`m using bold 9700, os 6.o.o.615 platform

    I too have a similar problem to this, when my battery meter reaches around 46-45% the phone shuts down without warning.
    When this happens the phone refuses to reboot or charge the battery
    if I take out the battery and place it in another 9700 it starts to charge..Once it has received as little as 1% charge in that phone
    I put it back into the other one and it continues to charge.
    I bought a new battery, the problem remained. I upgraded from OS. 5 to and the battery last about 5% longer but that’s it

    At maximum charge the battery reads 15% it reads 3618mv. If the 100% reading is correct then at 15% the MV reading should be 618MV.
    At a lost as to why this is occurring, would welcome any input on how to solve this problem.

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