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    Quote Originally Posted by tda View Post
    .. the cods of a leak and official are the same and that is a fact... the only difference is the UMTS file and perhaps the vendor.xml... to boost performance is to have more free space hence shrink the OS as much as possible.. besides the other things that should be thrown away, delete the backgrounds, video, music and ringtone (move it to the Media Card).. that's pretty much how i still have 115 MB with more than18 apps, over 200 BBM contacts, 600++ contacts and around 250-300 messages on (9700)...

    quite glad to hear that you have been able to achieve that.. although i am quite novice at tech part, i've recently upgraded 9700 to from authorized BB service center..
    would appreciate if you could share a few step by step approach to (delete backgrounds, video/transfer music & ringtones to media card).. also does shrink OS means delete extra languages etc (i only have US & UK English) or lot beyond it?? Do bare with my lack of knowledge

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    have you tried to redownload this version? i think you should try this it may work for you....

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