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    My appointment reminder no longer works and the memory seems to have a leak.

    :no: I have a Rogers BlackBerry 9700 and have updated to the latest official OS. The phone seems to have severe problems with memory management. The memory for application storage is 256 MB. After a battery pull, I will have 21.6 MB free. This free memory seems to disappear as the day wears on. Many times the memory will leak down to "0" and a message will pop up suggesting that I should remove some programs to free up some more memory. A battery pull will return me to 21.6 MB free. WHY ?????. I never had this problem with the original OS.

    A second and more significant problem has just come up. I depend on my BlackBerry to remind me of upcoming appointments. The calendar alert has just stopped working. This happened just after I installed “BeBuzz”. My son has BeBuzz installed on his BlackBerry Pearl and it works just fine. I have uninstalled BeBuzz and still have the problem. I have checked all the settings and found nothing wrong. Now I have reinstalled the OS and the alert problem with the calendar still persists. Have others found the same problem on the 9700?

    Reinstalling the OS has freed up almost 10 MB of application memory, but the memory leak still persists. I have bought 2 memory management programs, but they don’t seem to work. Does anybody out there have a solution to my BlackBerry problems?
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    Hello Jan,

    I would suggest that you revert back to your previous operating system by performing a clean wipe. Then upgrading your device by following our tutorial found here:

    Please remember to backup your device first. There is instruction on how to backup your device as well in that tutorial. Please post back after you have done that so we can see if you memory leak is still happening.

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    To add, Berry Buzz issue could be a conflict in settings. I know that to use these types of apps, you must disable your default phone alert settings so that the 3rd party alert app can take over properly.

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