Hello, I've been trying forever it seem now, to be able to use GTalk or YIM on my 9700. I should mention that I am on that good old t-Zones plan so, and no blackberry data plan for me. Thank you. Initially, I got "Service not enabled for this handheld." message. Later, I dug through and got some service books imported and it no longer gives that message but hangs at connecting... Both GTalk and YIM do the same when logging in but never connect. I left it running for hours and still no go. Any ideas as to what might be culprit? Also, I am willing to try out any service book entries so, if your IM apps are working, I request you please export the service book using DM and post the IPD file here. I know many people posted that it is working for them but I am just stuck here trying. As a matter of fact, I don't even IM that much but it now became a challenge to me and I just can't understand the stupidity that goes into BB OS and it's infrastructure to make simple apps work. Your help is greatly appreciated!