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    Downgraded os with bbsak - but phone still has tmobile firmware??

    Ok folks, I've got a BB9700. I'm using BBSAK v1.9.1. I'm in the Philippines, but my BB was originally from TMobile in the US. The network i'm using here is called Globe. I downloaded the OS for Globe from the blackberry website, installed it onto my computer, wiped my device, installed my OS...but here's the kicker....

    When i use my device RIM is still routing my internet activity through the's not here in the Philippines. When I check my APN settings, it still has the TMobile APN settings in there even after i installed the Globe OS!

    My OS shows that it's the version of Globe installed on the phone. I'm lost.

    Someone please help!!

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    when I go to What Is My IP Address - Shows Your IP Address it showing that I'm being routed through a proxy to an IP thats in the USA, but i'm in the Philippines and on a Philippine network, Globe.

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    You will need to change the apn settings to your globe carrier.. Also dial ##000000 make sure your phone number is displayed there.. You may notice the SIP my say (Tmobile as well) this needs to be changed to the same settings as your apn. Hope that helps.

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