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I find it to be the exact opposite. Just my two cents though
My fellow alumnus, I would submit to you that it's fine for you to enjoy using your BB any way you wish. I would hope that we would agree that it's not my job to get in the middle of your enjoyment of your BlackBerry nor your job to get in the middle of my enjoyment of mine.

The distaste of many of us who are not happy with threaded sms is well documented in various tech chatrooms around the Net. If you like using threaded sms, cool. But please respect my opinion and keep in mind that there is little to be gained in trying to convince those of us who don't like threaded sms that there is something wrong with our evaluation/opinions.

I think threaded sms sucks. I do not want it. I do not want to use it. And I want RIM to give me the ability to turn it off. Not asking you to give up anything ... just want RIM to let me opt out of threaded sms.

I would hope and think that we can agree that adding functionality to RIM's devices is a good thing and those of us who are asking RIM to give us the ability to turn this off should be heard and should be respected.

Go Spartans.