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    I'm probably a day late and a dollar short but did you load the Free Theme - 9700/8900/9630 OS 5.0 - Smooth Operator. I did, it looked great, then a few hours later I tried to open my browser and got the same error. Unfortunately the theme never crossed my mind :duh:. When it did finally dawn on me and removed it, everything was fine. Well except for undoing everything I screwed up before I realized it was the theme. mfg:

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    Cannot view pictures

    Quote Originally Posted by ShimmyShine View Post
    Okay - my initial suggestion is to do a full OS wipe. We'll go from there if that doesn't work.

    Also if they are saved on your SD card I would check to make sure it's functioning fine and if not format it (it may be a file on there, so backing up your SD card can be tricky..)

    I am having this same problem - How do you do a full OS Wipe. Was able to view pics yesterday but today cannot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shenandoah View Post
    How do you do a full OS Wipe.
    All In One Guide - How To Upgrade Your Device - w/ Pictures & Video

    Post number three...if you have trouble, let us know.
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