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    issue with 9700 and custom ring tones

    Like most of you, i have custom ring tones for all my BIS emails, sms, mms, etc..
    so i decided to create a Contact Alert for my wife.. so that the phone ring is specific to her but now all my emails and SMSs i get from her play the same BBPro_Sanguine tune... is there a way to have messages from her play the default profile custom rings i have set?

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    This has what has been suggested by Mepascal. Hope this helps .

    My solution is two part.
    First, from your sound profile drop down list select Set Contact Alert. Should be in
    the Contact Alert screen. At the top select Add Contact Alert. This screen should
    read New Contact Alert. Push Menu(Blackberry)button and select Add Name. Now from
    here select the name of the contact that you want to address the ringtone to. Now
    you should be given the options for Phone and Messages. Select Phone. Top of the
    screen should read Phone - (insert contact name). Below this should read Ring tone,
    Volume, Led, Vibration. In Ringtone select the custom ringtone. Push the menu button and save.

    Second part. Now in the Contact Alert screen select Messages. This should now have the heading Messages-(insert contact name). From here you can select the corresponding settings for the message indicators.

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