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    Charging Pod - Pics and Impressions

    Pictures taken with 9700 camera sorry for the bad lighting I took them next to my bed before I went to sleep.
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    So far I love it as much as my 9000 charging pods.

    I purchased this at the southern most telus store in pacific mall for those of you in toronto looking to get one. no one else in TO seemed to have it.

    It has got a bit of a different look and it’s definitely smaller for those wondering it still has a light at the back to help you find it in the dark. They have placed it under the plastic so don’t worry when you don’t see it.
    There is a hole cut out of the center, only reason I can think of for that is to save on weight for shipping costs.

    I would recommend this to anyone with a 9700!
    Why kill your micousb port by using a cable.

    BTW if you are planning on ordering this be careful a lot of sites are picturing the wrong ones so just make sure you confirm which one you are getting from them. Contacts will be on the sides not the back.
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