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    Lango - Verical Stripes Layers

    Lango - Verical Stripes Layers Theme (OS7 Icons)

    Compatible:OS6 9700, 9780, 9788, 9650.
    OS7 icons.

    Icons 1-7 set in device application order.
    Icon 1 is in the top right corner of the Home screen.
    Icons 2-7 in bottom dock set in device application order.
    Left clicable half of the top banner is set for Options.
    Right clickable half of the top banner is set for Manage Connections.
    Clickable Profiles, Clock, Calendar.
    Red diamond button is for Calendar.
    Blue diamond button is for Browser.

    Custom buttons and focus buttons.

    Wallpaper friendly!

    Verical stripes in the dock layers give attractive look!

    Get it at BlackBerryOS Superstore: BlackBerry Apps and BlackBerry Accessories or Scrollzee Lango - Verical Stripes Layers-storeicon-gif

    Lango theme will look great on your BlackBerry® handset! If you are currently running OS6 then you will have a stunning new look of your device with the OS7 icon set!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Lango - Verical Stripes Layers-bbscreen[1]-jpg   Lango - Verical Stripes Layers-bbscreen[2]-jpg   Lango - Verical Stripes Layers-bbscreen[3]-jpg   Lango - Verical Stripes Layers-bbscreen[4]-jpg   Lango - Verical Stripes Layers-bbscreen[5]-jpg   Lango - Verical Stripes Layers-bbscreen[6]-jpg  

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