This theme offers access to 12 applications via 2 docks, one visible and one hidden in a user defined order and access to 12 fixed applications via homescreen hotkeys.
Please locate your weather application to slot number 1 on your application screen.
If you choose the hidden today version the today entries are accessible form slots 5 to 7, applications in slots 8 to 13 will show in your hidden dock.
Choose between a hidden today version, Calendar today, Messages today and Calendar+Messages today versions.

4 Available versions
  1. Hidden Today
  2. Today Calender
  3. Today Messages
  4. Today Calendar+Messages

  • Custom Banners
  • Custom Wallpapers
  • Custom icons and metters
  • Wallpaper friendly
  • Hidden Dock with 6 user defined applications
  • Visible dock with 6 user defined applications, resized to 55x55px
  • User defined fonts
  • Weather Slot with visible text
  • Semi Transparent menu backgrounds
  • Homescreen Shortcuts via Hotkeys:

  • alt+r launches UberTwitter
  • W (shift+w) launches BerryWeather
  • alt+s launches SocialScope
  • alt+t launches Twitter for BlackBerry
  • r launches weatherpeek
  • $ launches SMS
  • C (shift+c) launches Clock application
  • @ (alt+p) launches Music application
  • alt+f launches FourSquare
  • SpaceBar launches QuickLaunch
  • f launches Profiles
  • y launches Manage Connections

Third party applications not provided.

Available for
8900, 8910, 9630, 9650 and 9700

All feedback is welcome.