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    Exclamation Getting the BBM and email services to work on Unlocked Verizon 9650

    Hello guys , After nearly 2 weeks of googling this i have got tired , i shifted from verizon to tmobile(US) and though i have subscribed for the BIS services my BBM and email does not work . I need the service book but Tmobile refuses to help as they do not sell the bold 9650 , Any idea how to bypass this ? i have tried crackutil and adding some service books i got online from some site but it seems as if the were outdated , any one has a solution ?

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    Disclaimer: DO NOT try this unless you are comfortable with the steps. READ them through first!

    Back up your device first! See post one and two in the All In One Guide - How To Upgrade Your Device - w/ Pictures & Video for instructions.

    Try this:

    1. Download and unzip the TMobile Service Books. Be sure and remember where you unzipped the folder to as you will need it later.

    2. Next, make sure your TMobile sim card has been inserted. Then go to Options >Device >Advanced System Settings >TCP/IP

    Set as follows:

    Username: < Leave Blank >
    Password < Leave Blank >

    3. Go to Options >Device >Advanced System Settings >Service Book.

    Do the following:

    Type alt + s-b-e-b. You will not see anything as you type this but when you're done you should see a message that says "Legacy SB Restore Enabled." Click OK.

    4. Plug in the device into your PC and open Desktop Manager and go to Device >Restore

    5. Under File Name you should see TMobile Service Books. If you don't see that click on "Change Folder" and browse to where you downloaded the service books from the link above.

    6. Toward the middle of the Restore Window click the radio button next to "Select device data and settings" and below that make sure that "Data Type" and "Service Books" boxes are checked.

    7. Click the "Restore" button and you will be prompted that "Your current data will be replaced." Click "Yes."

    8. Once the restore is finished you can disconnect the device.

    9. On the device go to the "Setup" icon. Select "Email Accounts." Select "Internet Mail Account." Hit the menu key and select "Service Books." Click "Send Service Books." This will resend your email service books.

    That's it. You should now have the Internet Browser and your apps should work normally.
    Good Luck!! Let us know your results

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    ok i did that but when i go to internet email there is no option like send service book and if i click on internet email it says cannot connect to server.
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