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    I use to work for VZW and let me be the first to tell you that unless you know someone that is a Data Consultant, or one of the Data Lab Techs then you really don't know anything more then what infoman tells you. Usually you know about a new device 3 days to a week before it comes out (if your lucky). If you are just any plain ol' joe then forgot about it. I will agree with anyone though when it comes to dumb reps because I hated the customer service transfers to tech support that was a non technical issue. A lot of them get by without knowing anything and it kills me. NEVER I repeat NEVER deal with the store unless you want to do their job for them lol. All the experiences I have dealt with, 85% of them were because of something the store rep did/did not tell the customer. I have walked into numerous stores even now that I don't work for them and I tell the rep how to his/her job. Just call Customer Service even if it has to be 3 times.
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