White BlackBerry Bold Coming to AT&T
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Thread: White BlackBerry Bold Coming to AT&T

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    White BlackBerry Bold Coming to AT&T

    Looks like the rumor we saw a few weeks ago is coming to fruition. Indeed AT&T is launching the Bold in white. You can get the white Bold starting on October 18 for $200 with a new two year contract. The white certainly adds a new style to an older, but still popular device. The only question is, do you get the Bold in white, or hold out for the Bold II.

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    Very nicely done sun! White does not look that bad after all. I would more then likely stick with the black, but white would be a good color for my lady.
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    Hmmms ,, i'm from the netherlands.
    There selling it here for 1.5 week now with T-mobile:
    GSMWEB.NL aanvraag BlackBerry 9000 BOLD icm T-Mobile Relax abonnement. Laagste Prijs!

    They also sell the lavender 8520 for a month now at the phonehouse.
    If we get the also get the onyx first:P

    It would make my day,,, i wan't a new BB :P

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