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    Tips and Short cuts for the Bold

    Hotspot Browser:
    T - Scroll Up
    Space - Scroll Down
    U - Toggle Top Bar
    V - Search For
    R - Refresh
    P - Page Properties
    I - Zoom +
    O - Zoom -
    A - Add Bookmark
    S - Browser Options
    D - Close Browser
    H - Home
    K - Bookmarks
    Z - Toggle Text Sizing
    C - Connection Information
    B - Scroll Down

    Picture Viewing:
    R - Zoom +
    W - Zoom -
    S - Pan Left
    F - Pan Right
    E - Pan Up
    X - Pan Down
    L - Rotate Clockwise
    N - Next Picture
    P - Previous Picture

    Music Control:
    During playback, you can hold the volume button up or down to skip forward or back a song. This can be done at any screen.
    Mute Button - Mute Song
    Space Bar - Stop / Play Music
    N - Next Song
    P - Previous Song

    T - Timer
    S - Stopwatch Mode
    B - Enter Bedside Mode

    Found this while I was searching and thought it might help too thanks to dgrover for putting it together

    Test Procedure
    To perform a test using the hardware diagnostic tool on the BlackBerry smartphone, complete the following steps:

    On the Home screen on the BlackBerry smartphone, Select Options / Status.
    On the Status screen, TYPE test.
    On BlackBerry smartphones that have SureType , use the multi-tap input method.
    From the menu on the Device Self Test Application screen, select Start

    Phone Information
    ALT + Right Shift + H = Phone Information gets you to the help me screen

    ALT-CAP-H is a help screen
    ALT-CAP-DEL performs a reset simulates a battery pull
    ALT-L-G-L-G shows a log file
    ALT-N-M-L-L Turns signal strength into numbers push it again to return
    Pressing the LEFT Alt, Left Shift and H button will show your Vendor ID, Platform, App Version, PIN, IMEI, Uptime, Signal Strength, Battery Level, File Free and File Total

    Enterprise Activation:
    ALT-CNFG In Options -> Advanced Options -> Enterprise Activation Settings for Enterprise Activation
    Address Book
    ALT-VALD In address book list Validate the data structure and look for inconsistencies
    ALT-RBLD In address book list Force a data structure rebuild

    ALT-RBVS Any HTML/WML webpage View web page source code

    ALT+VIEW Inside any Calendar item Show extra info for a Calendar event
    SYNC Calendar app>Options Enable Calendar slow sync
    RSET Calendar app>Options Will prompt for a reload of the calendar from the BES
    RCFG Calendar app>Options Request BES configuration
    SCFG Calendar app>Options Send device configuration
    DCFG Calendar app>Options Get CICAL configuration
    SUPD Calendar app>Options Enable detailed Cal. report for backup
    SUPS Calendar app>Options Disable detailed Cal. report for backup
    SUPN Calendar app>Options Disable Cal. report database
    LUID Calendar app>Options Enable view by UID
    SRSL Calendar app>Options Show Reminder status log

    ALT + V I E W For messages, displays the RefId and FolderId for that particular message. For PIM items, displays only the RefId.

    Search Application
    ALT-ADVM Search Application Enabled Advanced Global Search

    MMSC Options -> MMS Show MMS hidden options

    Home Screen
    ALT-JKVV Home Screen Display cause of PDP reject
    ALT + CAP + H Home screen Displays the Help Me screen
    ALT + E A C E Home screen Displays the Help Me screen
    ALT + E S C R Home Screen Displays the Help Me screen
    ALT + N M L L Home screen Switches the signal strength from bars to a numeric value.
    ALT + L G L G Home screen Displays the Java™ event log.

    ALT-SMON WLAN wizard screen Enable simulated Wizard mode
    ALT-SMOF WLAN wizard screen Disable simulated Wizard mode

    ALT-THMN Any menu Change to no theme (B&W)
    ALT-THMD Any menu Change to default theme

    LOLO Options -> Date/Time Show Network time values

    MEPD Options>Advanced options>SIM card Display MEP info
    MEP1 Options>Advanced options>SIM card Disable SIM personalization
    MEP2 Options>Advanced options>SIM card Disable Network personalization
    MEP3 Options>Advanced options>SIM card Disable Network subset personalization
    MEP4 Options>Advanced options>SIM card Disable Service provider personalization
    MEP5 Options>Advanced options>SIM card Disable Corporate personalization

    I will be updating this list so keep checking back
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    which one?
    good question
    All of them
    on 5.0
    keep ALT key pushed to select a text
    for now still exploring...

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    Can I copy all that shortcut and put it on my website?
    I'll add credit goes to this thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eRicK89 View Post
    Can I copy all that shortcut and put it on my website?
    I'll add credit goes to this thread.
    That is fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlevy73 View Post
    That is fine.
    Thanks for the fast reply

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