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    Quote Originally Posted by Derek Zielinski View Post
    I changed my Bold trackball but I didn't take off the LCD because it is unnecessary. As long as you have pointy tweezers you can get the metal case around the trackball on and off easily. BTW I got all my parts (black bezel, black battery cover, black trackball, and black side buttons) from and I am pleased. The owner is great and will send you replacement parts for free if something happens to them. Also, they sent me a free screwdriver and case opener. I highly recommend them.
    Thanks Derek and welcome to BBOS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hughker View Post
    Just replaced the OEM trackball for a Black one. It took me around 7-minutes to do it all.
    I opted to keep the screen connected to the main-board. [I didn't like the idea of separating it from the double-sided tape.]
    The hardest part I had was trying to get that bloody metal casing off… I bent it up pretty good.

    Does anyone know if you can purchase the metal casing on any site? I am worried that I bent it too much when trying to pry it off.

    If you are referring to the metal casing that the trackball resides in...Then I agree with you, that was the only part that was being a bitch. It would not come off, unclipped or whatever you want to call it. It def was not as easy as that video said it woul dbe to get it off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunkast View Post
    Welcome to BlackberryOS. You could try GSMPhone-Unlocking or Horizon. Both sell BlackBerry parts.

    Thank you. I actually found it on OEM Blackberry Bold 9000 Trackball Holder/Cover.

    Now I just need to find out where to get the White Sticker that I had to puncture in order to replace the trackball.
    Does anyone know where to get a sticker and if that sticker is a Water Damage Indicator?


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