I got an old Bold 9000 from a friend and trying to make it a good phone for me avoiding buying new devices all the time (just laid off my SE P1). I have installed 4.6.0 303 and also tried 5.0. Since I could not get the 5.0 to work with my network supplier in norway and downgraded to 4.6.0 303 which also have a better solution for finding the Scandinavian ĆŘĹ letters as they appear as first choice when scrolling OA.

Since I am not using a BB suporting network, I also struggle a bit with the email account, but LogicMail seems to work, even if not seemless with the rest of the phone. But the best would certainly be to be able to set up IMAP on the BB email account, but I never get that choice.

But most important, I am struggling with online 3G and EDGE data connnections as there are very limited manual options for setting up (only the basic APN).

Anyone who can tip me on these issues?

Kind rgds