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    Blackberry Bold Switched from AT&T to T-Mobile
    Just upgraded from 4.6 to


    I used to have a Blackberry Bold 9000 OS on the AT&T network which I got unlocked and switched to T-Mobile.

    After wiping my device and installing Blackberry Bold 9000 OS, My Blackberry Maps was gone.

    As a result, everything is running but one of my critical Apps the VQ Carfinder cannot run because the Blackberry Maps Application is not on there and I cannot download because the Blackberry Site says my device is not supported.

    Thinking maybe it was a remnant ghost problem (even though the device was wiped before 5.0 install) first thing I finally found and downloaded after much googling, but which didn't work was the AT&T Blackberry Maps Launcher from I added that app but I get the error:
    "Uncaught exception: Could not start internal application"
    That's probably because I don't think the Maps application is physically on the Bold anymore to begin with.
    Apparently BBSAK had backed up Google Maps but NOT Blackberry Maps, or Blackberry Messenger, or Blackberry App World.
    Which actually kind of makes sense because I don't even see it in the list of applications unlike how it used to be on the where I simply had to go and reinstall it from the link below if it ever went missing and the icon would show up again (I even had it bookmarked):

    When I try to do this on the newly installed I get this:
    "Sorry, your device does not meet the system requirements that are needed to support Blackberry Maps."

    What's even weirder is that before I upgraded my OS I switched to T-Mobile from AT&T and everything is unlocked... Like I said, I was able to download Blackberry Messenger again and also Blackberry App World.

    I'm not sure but during installation of this OS there was no option to download other things other than Core Apps/System Files etc. Everything else was grayed out.

    Can someone please, please help me?? I need Blackberry Maps (in order to work with other Apps) as I live in a densely populated metropolitan area and barring any help I will have no choice but to go back to the old version device software

    If you guys have the OS that comes bundled with Maps somewhere, I'll even wipe my device again and redownload from your posted link if that's what I have to do. But if someone has a direct link to the BB Maps JAD / COD / ALX file I would love to try that first.

    Any other ideas??

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    quick dumb question did you make sure you have your browser set to blackberry?

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