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    Additional Blackberry Storm OTA APPS

    So here's a link for ALL the apps "free, paid, beta"


    Visit this Link from your Blackberry Storm browser and click on each app that you would like to install. These are OTA (Over The Air) apps so you can not use a desktop to install them. It may be helpful to email yourself the link and bookmark it so it is easily accessible.

    Make sure that your browser is set to blackberry. To do this from the home screen Click Browser-->Menu Key-->Options-->Browser Configuration-->Browser Identification = "Blackberry"

    The bottom Section for incompatible apps you can try to disable compatibility mode. To do so after installation Go to Options-->Advanced Options--> Applications-->Highlight (Don't click) the app--> Menu Key--> Disable Compatibility Mode

    Feel free to post comments, suggestions and help required.
    We will do our best to assist you.

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    nice find, thanks pupp3t

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