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Thread: LockIt - Prevent accidental keyboard input!

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    LockIt - Prevent accidental keyboard input!

    LockIt is a simple, easy to set up and use auto-locking tool that prevents accidental keyboard or touch-screen input and phone activity on BlackBerry devices. With LockIt the Blackberry device is automatically locked up after a pre-defined period of inactivity and can only be unlocked with a combination of keys.

    Accidentally pressing phone keys at the wrong time can start unwanted phone calls and applications activity. LockIt comes to help with a set of tools to lock up and protect your phone. When LockIt is on, it also saves and prolongs battery life.


    • Accidental key press prevention
    • Automatic key locking after selected period of inactivity starting from 5 seconds
    • No password required for unlocking
    • Ability to define excluded applications that keep the phone unlocked when active
    • Model-specific intuitive combination of unlocking keys
    • Support for touch-screen devices

    Further Information: LockIt

    It is possible to try this app. After trial you have to pay USD 6,90, but it's really usefull.

    For the german guys: “LockIt” – Tastatursperre deluxe auf BESMgmt.de

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    Nice write up. Thanks for sharing and Welcome to Blackberry OS! look forward to seeing you in the forums.
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