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    Thanx 4 the warm BBOS welcome Bryan! I've been able to finally get down & dirty w/this app & I must say I rather enjoy it. Those of you that have been having problems w/your storm is b/c it doesn't seem to be officially supported as yet per their somewhat hidden FAQ in their help section listed below:

    1. Which smart phones are supported?

    bluCTRL is currently available for BlackBerry Curve (83xx series), Pearl (81xx,82xx series) and 88xx series. Additional BlackBerry models and other mobile devices support is on the way.

    So those are the official ones at this time. I bought the Cirago BTA-3210 BT USB adapter from newegg & it came w/a Toshiba driver disk which i installed first. I knew the Tos drivers probably wouldn't work w/this app but I wanted to try PC to BB file swapping & music streaming (which i haven't figured out yet) before trying out bluctrl. It wouldn't recognize them and I had to uninstall them. The FAQ basically gives a link that pops up for u to install older Windows BT drivers into pc to enable the program. Bluetooth drivers are pesky & in need of much more standardization in general as these don't have the latest so called "profiles" like A2dp for streaming music. This app won't replace your keyboard or mouse esp. if you use an HTPC combo like me, but it seems nice to use for something like watching movies. I found it to be a gem when viewing stuff on youtube as it allows me to pause just by pressing the Pearl's 0/space key. You are able to use the BB keyboard too & the response time lag is barely noticeable which is really surprising as I have not used BT on anything beyond a phone to phone song or pic transfer. The more you experiment w/it, the more efficient it should become for you as it requires some memorization. I could see how this app could improve significantly over time & will make a donation so they keep it free as I love open source/freeware/shareware. I might add more details later if I have anything to further add on this subject & I'll probably create simpler guides to BT sometime in the near future (when i'm not so busy w/my job as I have been lately) as I get better acclimated w/it b/c right now doesn't seem many people use it except for headsets and I like the simplicity of this forum. Sorry for the long posts as I try to be somewhat detail oriented. :22:

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    Excellent post thank you. I might have to see if this works on my Tour

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