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    Lightbulb New App! Flood | Challenging and addicting puzzle game! Free trial!

    We have really stepped it up here at Epic Applications and are going to start providing even higher quality games than you are used to seeing from us (and that’s hard to beat already!).

    The latest game, Flood, is an addicting and challenging puzzle game. The goal of the game is to turn the entire board the same color. You do this by selecting one of the colors and starting from the top left, every neighboring square with that color will be filled. It makes a lot more sense once you just play around with it, which is why we are offering a FREE TRIAL for everyone to see just how addicting and fun the game is.

    Check it out now for only $1.99 at Flood | Addicting puzzle game - Games Blackberry Software!

    There are over 25 levels which means it will be challenging for quite some time, as the later levels are extremely challenging. Boards start small, and begin getting very big quickly. As if that wasn't hard enough, you start with only 3 colors, and end up with 6!

    Each level has a “par” which is calculated by our advanced Intelligence Engine, which intelligently determines what a good score for each level is. Since the levels are completely random each time, each level plays like an entirely new game every time you play it!

    If you get stuck on a level in the campaign mode, just go to Practice mode and practice the round without having the pressure of losing!

    Check it out now for only $1.99 at Flood | Addicting puzzle game - Games Blackberry Software!

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    Sounds interesting for sure Great price and thanks for offering the free trial

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    game is insanely addicting played for an hr straight... had to check my battery!

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    Insanely addicting is a understatement, I can't stop playing it. I killed my battery yesterday playing.

    1 thing I noticed though is if you get under par it always says you got 0 under par. I've gotten 2 and 3 under and it always says 0.

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