Dazzboard - Manage media between your Blackberry and Facebook!
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Thread: Dazzboard - Manage media between your Blackberry and Facebook!

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    Dazzboard - Manage media between your Blackberry and Facebook!

    Addicted to Facebook? Love to take pictures when your out, but hate to have to load them individually to Facebook the next day? If so, you will love the new Facebook Application Dazzboard. With this application, you are able to manage the media on your phone right through the web based Facebook!

    This is a free, web based application that allows users to drag and drop the files between their Blackberry device and Facebook. Dazzboard is also supporting other web 2.0 initiaves such as YouTube and Flickr currently.

    The main downside is that this application will only work on the PC (sorry Mac users) and has to be run in Firefox 3.x

    To integrate this application into your Facebook account, point your mouse here to begin the installation!

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    i gotta say i have personally used this and it does work, you just need to make sure you have mass storage mode enabled and then no more uploading pics one by one through the fb app

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    Nice find Dream :fing02:I am sure that those that use facebook will love this

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