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    Quote Originally Posted by gordtm
    Quote Originally Posted by Kris View Post
    Wirelessly posted (Mobile)

    If they suspended your account not you can do now but wait and when they re open I would recommend changing your password.

    And maybe try using a desktop app for twitter when on the computer :-)
    How long does it take until they re open it?
    I honestly have no idea about that. . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by gordtm View Post
    What a pain, I think I'll wait a bit and see what happens.
    I still don"t know how someone could have gotten into my account.
    I recently saw posts for advertising stuff that I didn't do.
    I don't know either I know that you just have to be really careful with info on internet nowdays. Always protect your passwords. I am sorry you have to go thru this. I hope this gets resolved really soon for you.

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