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    Quote Originally Posted by ikaiyoo View Post
    Ok I did get it to work on the Storm however... it is broke a little. step by step on what I did to get it to work.

    1. install the app on your blackberry (I know I am a smart ass)
    2 go to application under advanced options set permissions accordingly
    3 turn compatibility mode on
    4 go to keyboard/screen layout make sure full keyboard is enabled in portrait mode.
    5 Open your APP your screen is the trackball and the space ball is the trackball button. The M and the P key are the menu and back button. Go into Menu>settings and select auto log on (trust me makes things a lot easier)
    6 after that it is just a matter of setting things up and loging in. when you put in your username and password it brings up seperate window to type in a lot like the bolt or operal mini browser and you are good to go.
    7 Once you log in DO NOT install update... it errors out and you end up deleting it.

    To me it wasnt practical to use. I tried making a call it did work however it did not make the call VoIP it routed my call to an 816 number. And that might be a setting issue I didnt take time to figure out. I dont know if it is a verizon number or not. im waiting for my call log on verizon to update so i can let you know.

    So I checked the call log and the 4 or 5 calls i made on skype didnt eat up any minutes. So I am guessing this is a Verizon number specifically set up for skype. So I guess it is free calls and such.

    These steps, do they work for the 8900??

    Newbie and ready to learn

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    it seems only ALX file can be work in BB 9550, any one have correct way for dowloading skype....

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    Quote Originally Posted by husseinayash View Post
    it seems only ALX file can be work in BB 9550, any one have correct way for dowloading skype....
    It won't work unless you are with the Verizon Wireless carrier. They have a lock on BlackBerrys so you won't be able to use the service.

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