In this intergalactic Arcade/Strategy shooter, you fight for a faction and move up the ranks in order to cease control a galaxy called Uni.

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This game is the ultimate combination of strategy and arcade and has great replay value because [/B]no "New Game" is the same[/B]. Uni is comprised of 10 regions which can each be conquered by one of four factions. Attack, rally, spy, and create alliances in order to cease control of Uni by way of compromise or take over.

Unique AI provides different challenges in 2 seamless game modes. Fight in a battle of wits against enemy factions by carefully managing your faction's regions, or face off against opponents in real time arcade battles with four unique ships and 360 ship movement.

So try the Uni (Galaxy at War) Demo Now! Maybe you have what it takes to become a General and "Cease Control!"

*Important* There are many options which allow you to optimize Uni for your mobile device ensuring that you are playing the game at an optimal speed and quality. You can turn off background stars, particle effects, control the size of the battles and battlefields, and change the game speed. This allows you to get the best frames per second on your smartphone.

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