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    New MyVerzion App updated.

    If your a Verizon customer and wanna check and change your bill on the go well now you can. I've been Running this App for awhile but everytime i ask people about it there like huh? lol so heres the link and page.

    Want to keep better tabs on your Verizon Wireless account so you know how many minutes/data you’ve used, check your account balance, make payments, remind yourself what plan you’re on, add/remove features and services and stuff like that? If you’ve got a BlackBerry Curve 8330, BlackBerry Pearl 8130 or BlackBerry Pearl 8830 World Edition Storm Tour you’re in luck because you can now do it right from your mobile phone!

    Simply download the MyVerizon application for BlackBerries at VZStart using your mobile device. Unfortunately for Storm owners this application is only usable for BlackBerry handsets that have a trackball hence the above limitation. Hopefully now you can keep those minutes and texting overages in check all while paying your bills on time… how exciting (note slight sarcasm after the “…”)

    thats the storm version

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    Thanks Randy :fing02:

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