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    Quickpull & Quickpull Pro

    **Originally Posted at CrackBerry**

    Quickpull and Quickpull Pro - Leave your BlackBerry’s Backside Behind

    Let’s stop for a minute and think about what we do with our BlackBerrys daily. Take into consideration the emails, the SMS messages, browsing, managing media, numerous applications and games. Your BlackBerry can take it all in stride. From time to time, you may notice that, despite being an amazing smartphone, it may not perform as fast as it once did. You may experience lags, memory leaks and *gasp* the hourglass/clock face. Unless you were in the middle of something extremely important, you probably shrug it off and perform a battery pull or press Shift + Alt + Delete (QWERTY BlackBerrys) to perform a soft reset. Perhaps we should look at something that requires less fumbling around.
    Enter the QuickPull solution.
    The application offers a quick easy soft reset alternative. Those who are sporting a qwerty-less BlackBerry should pay special attention, as it’s much easier than removing the battery. All it takes is a hurried BlackBerry user, fumbling fingers and you have a dropped BlackBerry on your hands (or is that out of your hands?). QuickPull comes in two varieties: the free version and QuickPull Pro. Let’s have a look at each.

    Why Reset?

    With use, third party applications, browsing and such, you may find your BlackBerry becoming sluggish. QuickPull and QuickPull Pro work hard to help free up precious memory, optimizing your usage.

    About QuickPull/QuickPull Pro

    Both applications were developed by Steelthorn Software Ltd. You may recognize some of their other applications – StormLock, MessageScheduler and IntelliLaunch (formerly IntelliBerry). They both work with BlackBerrys running OS 4.5 or higher. QuickPull Pro (version 3.0.4) requires 107.4KB of space and QuickPull (version 2.1.1) requires 28.5KB.
    QuickPull Pro

    This version offers various specific scheduling options. Not only can you specify what time of day you want to simulate the soft reset, but also which days you want it active. You can easily check and uncheck each day as you see fit or choose to have it repeat at that the same time every day. Although it is extremely easy to see what you have selected, QuickPull Pro will announce the next scheduled reset.

    Settings Menu
    Now besides scheduling soft resets, the application is able to monitor your memory. By doing so, you can choose to have your BlackBerry alert you if your memory falls below a pre-determined threshold (measured in MB). If your memory falls below this value, you will be notified and asked if you want to reboot. If you can’t wait for a schedule or monitor alert, you can always select the big blue “Reset” button at the top of the application’s menu. No matter what method you choose to reset your device, the application pops up an alert; it tells you that your phone will reboot in 5 seconds and to cancel, you can press the escape key.

    5 second warning
    QuickPull Pro will not perform a soft reset if your BlackBerry is locked, holstered or on a call. When you unlock /unholster your blackberry, you will be alerted of a missed scheduled reboot. If on a call, the application will resume the reboot once the call has been disconnected. Again, pressing the escape key within 5 seconds will cancel this.

    alerting you of a missed reset

    Memory Monitoring


    This is the basic, free version of the solution. Doing away with weekly schedules and monitors, QuickPull gets right down to business. Pressing the QuickPull icon, a pop up immediately appears, verifying if I want to reset or not. The pop up also allows me to set a daily scheduled reset time, access to help and access to Steelthorn’s “App Store”. I assigned QuickPull to a convenience key for the most rapid soft reset available. If you don’t need the advanced options, this is definitely the best version for you.


    QuickPull Basic Scheduling
    Now, while QuickPull and QuickPull Pro help speed up soft reset activation, it cannot affect the reboot process itself. You are still stuck watching the hour glass or clock. I nabbed a comparison chart from Steelthorn, detailing what each application offers.

    dare to compare


    So the next time you are faced with another soft reset, look to QuickPull and QuickPull Pro to help you out.


    • Easy to use
    • Schedule Soft Resets


    • Issues with deleting the application
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    Nice write up manuel! I'm a frequent user of quickpull and it works great for me. Less hassle than actually pullin the battery. :fing02:

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    QuickPull Pro (version 3.0.4) requires 107.4KB of space and QuickPull (version 2.1.1) requires 28.5KB.

    wow, :bigeyes: didnt know the files were so different in size.. nice info, thanks

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    Great write up! I would recommend quick pull pro for having the ability to preset your phone to reset. I have mine set up to reset right before I wake up. I also received my quick pull pro on sale for 99cents, so that made the decision easier. Quick pull is free and it saves you time from taking off your battery case to do a pull.

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    Fabulous write-up!

    I went to QuickPull Pro when MeterBerry decided to go tets-up on 151 and BBC and lyricidal hybrids (I purchased for $0.99 from the AWESOME BBOS store as well). The app has been rock-solid for me for over a month.

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    Very good review. Thanks

    This is one of the app that everybody must to install

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    Manuel, it's a pleasure to read your reviews. Thanks for devoting your time to helping others.

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    good sharing

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