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    3G Auto v2.0 trial - Manage 3G and 2G mode automatically

    This is a must have app. It helps you save battery and protect your health.

    - First you define lists off application. When at least one of these apps open, 3G mode auto on. And when non of these apps running, your phone auto turn to 2G mode.
    There are two app lists:
    + Foreground only: for apps on this list, 3G only on when one of these apps run on foreground. This list design for apps always running in background like Default Browser....
    + Foreground and Background: for apps on this list, 3G will on when these apps both running on background and foreground. Only turn back to 2G when you exit all of these apps.
    - If you phone connect successful with a WIFI network, it will force 2G mode.
    - When you using your phone as modem mode. it will force 3G mode.

    Trial version: you have 30 times auto on/off 3G.
    I hope this app make your like more easier.
    Any feedback please send to

    Download OTA:
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