Amplify by MLH Software is an app for people who do.

This application is a background app which you can pull up anytime on your BlackBerry device using a one of the volume/play-pause key (the default settings uses the volume down key). When this app is activated by pressing on the preset key, a mini banner is activated (image below) which has the current time, date and temperature.

With the banner is activated, you can call up an application such as calendar by typing in calendar or the day you want to peak at.

(Note the icon set change was due to testing screen shots from different devices and is not related to the app)

After calling on the calendar app, a small calendar screen will show to allow you to take a peak at your schedule for that day.

Other shortcuts can also be preset by the users of this app by hitting the currency symbol when the command prompt is shown and typing in the shortcut which is preset on the app. One of the preset sample commands on the app is a shortcut to To access, the user simplies brings up the command prompt, types in <currency symbol> and 'yahoo' and it would take you to Yahoo.

Overall this is a neat little app to have for your BlackBerry and it is a must-have for BlackBerry users who are busy and constantly looking ways to save time when getting things done.

This app is currently available in BlackBerry App World for free on a 15-day trial and is then available through an in-app one-time purchase of $4.99.

OS Requirement: 6.0 and Higher

Additional Screen Shots:

Discuss and let us know any findings/fixes for Amplify below.