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Please note that RIM did some excellent work on investigating laws in each country, and determined that it is OK to offer silent camera apps through AppWorld in all countries except Singapore and South Korea. We thank them for that. Our ShutUp Camera app has been reinstated in AppWorld:Buy ShutUp Camera - Silent Native Camera Mute - Download ShutUp Camera - Silent Native Camera Mute - Buy Apps from BlackBerry App World
Hello devcellent, and thank you for updating BlackBerryOS.com of your application, ShutUp Camera - Silent Native Camera Mute, available via Blackberry App World.

Wishing you all the best, and continued success with your current application(s), and in the future, BlackBerry 10

Anyone wishing to get in touch with Devcellent Solutions Inc. via BlackBerry App World, or Twitter Devcellent Solutions @Devcellent

Thank you.