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    MediaFly (Free Podcast Streaming App)

    I saw this posted over at CrackBerry and thought I would bring it over here. I've been using this app all morning long on my Storm and I'm very happy with it. It's not a battery killer like some of the other media streaming apps are. Also, they have a great selection of podcasts available, especially in the sports category.

    It does support listening through Bluetooth devices, however I strongly suggest you go to your profiles and turn off all alerts before listening. If your alerts are on and you receive a message, etc.. it will start the podcast over.

    MediaFly Homepage

    OTA Download for your Blackberry

    Storm users must disable Compatibility Mode!Options> Advanced Options>Applications>Media Fly>Press Menu>Disable Compatibility Mode

    Check the website to see if your device is supported. Most are... Enjoy!
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    thanks for the heads up Freebird

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