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    Discuss BlackBerry App World new update v3.1.2.32

    BlackBerry App World has updated to version (2.3MB), as of current, there is no change log.

    Some BlackBerry users may not receive this update just as of yet, so please be patient, it will come.

    Clear out your BlackBerry App World device's cache by pressing ALT+R+S+T

    Download: BlackBerry App World via desktop computer or Download: BlackBerry App World OTA

    If you notice any changes or anything different with this BlackBerry App World version, please post below.

    Thank you.

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    I just want to share what I did earlier to update mine to this new version of App World.

    When I was informed about this update, I cleared out the BB App World cache by pressing ALT+R+S+T.

    However, nothing has changed and I did not get any update alert on device.

    So the next thing I did was to delete the existing App World on my device and I downloaded the version via OTA.

    After the download has been done, I rebooted my device and... tada! the update popped out of my screen.

    Now, I have the updated version of the BB App World! No Change logs provided but if you are using an OS 7 device, you can see a Share icon at the App World Home screen.

    Try it everyone and if you will notice any changes, kindly post it here

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    I use a bb9780, I update my app world, but I noticed that after updating I can't download anymore from the app world

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    Man this version gave me fits on my 9700 yesterday. I installed the update to appworld last week and it ran fine until yesterday. I had 2 updates show up in appworld - Twitter and Battery Watch. I upgraded Battery Watch, rebooted the phone and tried to go back in to appworld but nothing would matter how many times I selected the appworld icon, the screen wouldn't change. Did a battery pull - nothing. Removed appworld and reinstalled - nothing. Removed the Battery Watch app (since that is when all my problems started) rebooted and tried to go back in to appworld - nothing. Removed ALL of my apps and tried to go back in - nothing.

    So, I wiped the damn thing, re-installed the OS, the older version of appworld that came on the OS was working, I thought "great". Upgraded appworld and I was right back to where I was before the wipe. I ended up installing v3.1.1.21 and my appworld is working fine. Jeesh!!

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