Want to have a photo booth shots straight from your smartphones? Try Photo Booth Pro by Toysoft Development Inc. This cool and amazing app can give you the joy and excitement of taking photo booth pictures using only your devices. For only $0.99, you can experience photo booth pictures with lots of effects and styles like black, blur, and emboss, flea, grayscale and more. Even taking pictures in the dark is supported by this app with the flash always on.

Not only that, if you already have saved pictures on your device, you can choose 4 from it and use the app, put a little bit of effect for you to have a photo booth look results. For only $0.99, you can enjoy the fun and excitement the app can give you and share it to everyone.

Here are some of the features of Photo Booth Pro:
  1. Simple and functional interface
  2. Zoom in and out before taking the pictures. Not available if the Flash is on
  3. Built in 8 special effect filters
  4. Set delay before each take for Quick Take
  5. Set vibrate notification before each take
  6. Change the background color on the final picture

So grab your phone, visit the BlackBerry App World now and get this amazing app!