Use Avatar Animator to create animated Avatars for BBM in 3 Clicks!!

Avatar Animator is made specifically for BBM, and will make sure your animated GIFs are proper size, and resolution for a simple, quick, and fun experience! Get creative, be unique, Avatar Animator will take care of the rest!

Avatar Animator for BBM, courtesy of Mblware Inc. has released their latest smartphone application for BlackBerry OS6 & OS7 compatible devices, which gives you the ability of making your own custom animated avatar for your BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) for a reasonable price of US $2.99.

I have attached a couple of screen shots from my BlackBerry device to share with everyone.

Avatar Animator for BBM v1.0.102-animated-avatars-gr-6-jpgAvatar Animator for BBM v1.0.102-animated-avatars-gr-1-jpgAvatar Animator for BBM v1.0.102-animated-avatars-gr-4-jpgAvatar Animator for BBM v1.0.102-animated-avatars-gr-3-jpg

Download: Avatar Animated for BBM via BlackBerry App World

Version: 1.0.102

Released: March 17, 2012

Check out Avatar Animated for BBM, and post your custom avatars below to share with everyone.

Let's see the creative side of you, using your BlackBerry device, as it should be interesting to see who posts their unique avatars for everyone to share