Pixelated is a strategy game where the purpose is to eventually get all the blocks/pixels one color in less than 21 color changes. Starting in the left hand corner, each turn needs to be calculated perfectly so that as many surrounding pixels can join into the main group by being the same color. In all the time I've been playing Pixelated, I don't think I've ever seen an update, but this v3.1 comes with some new goodies:

  • Left-handed users can now more easily play on their BlackBerry Playbook
  • Send your best scores to Facebook and Twitter from your Blackberry OS 7 device

I am 100%, without a doubt in my mind, addicted to Pixelated. Both fortunately and unfortunately I have yet to beat it. Half of me grows increasingly frustrated because I get so close to winning.. then I don't. However, the other half of me is so glad to have a game that I can't beat after having it for 30 minute. Yes, I have downloaded games that I expect to be remotely challenging, but I work my way through all the levels within a short amount of time, resulting in my having to delete an app because I can't go any further with it.