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    SayIt For BlackBerry Has Been Updated To v1.3.2.1

    Finally, I get my own personal assistant, right at my finger tips. With the help of SayIt's voice recognition and assistant software, I can compose text messages, emails, BBMs, open apps and even convert my own talking into text or .mp3. The update includes:
    • Fixes regarding network detection
    • Now works through Carrier TCP/IP and Wifi
    • Minor bugs have been resolved

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    Coincidentally, we've got 20 copies to giveaway this week
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    Another Update For SayIt, Bringing Even More Tools In v1.3.3

    While SayIt, the hand-held personal assistant, literally was just updated yesterday, another update surfaced early this morning, bringing many new and exciting features that devoted SayIt users surely can't wait to get their hands on. With BlackBerryOS' birthday just a few days back, the bloggers have pulled together their resources to have numerous giveaways for our amazing BBOS members. One of those giveaways actually includes 20 copies of SayIt! Enter to win today!

    In this update, you will find:
    • The ability to enable and disable Realtime conversation
    • If Enabled, SayIt will talk back
    • If Disabled, SayIt will use Wolfram Alpha as the default search engine
    • By saying "Voice to Text" or "Text to Voice", you can activate the respective functions
    • SayIt Commander and SayIt Composer are automatically added as menu items upon installation
    • Improved precision for call and email

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