Kisai Labs the creative minds behind the popular BlackBerry PlayBook Twitter app Blaq, have added their talents to developing Cloudee. If your're a mac user you will find that this app may be something you have been waiting for quite some time. Cloudee was created to address its creator Jerome Carty, inability to access his Mac's CloudApp account.

The end results are Cloudee, a CloudApp client for the BlackBerry PlayBook. CloudApp is a Mac application that allows you to share your screenshots, bookmarks, and photos.

Take a look at some of the apps features and planned features:


- View files from your CloudApp account
- Download files to your PlayBook from CloudApp
- Upload new files from your PlayBook to CloudApp
- View bookmarks right within the app
- Send files to and empty trash

Planned features:

- Post to social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr)
- Auto-upload screenshots
- More as they come along

Keep in mind the app is currently in beta, and is available for those beta testers in Kisai Labs Test Lab.